Erin Condren Life Planner

I honestly do not know how I came across this company but it was a god send.  I probably stumbled upon it on Instagram or YouTube….probably YouTube.  So I looked up the website and I immediately fell in love.  Erin Condren make all sorts of fun items such as life planners, invitations, lesson plan books, calenders, folders etc.  Basically anything to help and keep you organized.  I was a little let down because I thought the life planners were a little on the pricey side but I was willing to pay the price.  After reading a bunch of reviews and watching reviews on YT I was sold.  So I decided to follow her on IG and around mother’s day she had a contest.  Post a picture of “you and your mother” or “you being a mom” and hashtag it using her hashtag.  If you got picked you won a $100 gift card towards anything on her site. So I figured why not try to win.  So I posted a picture of my mom and a picture of me being a mom.  So when the contest ended I was not at all expecting to win.  Turns out that I won along with about 5 others IGers.  I was soooo excited.  I won my first IG contest, plus I NEVER win anything.  I couldn’t wait to place my order.  After waiting a few weeks she made an announcement that the new 2014-2015 planners would be for sale June 12th.  I waited and placed my order that day.  I ordered the “Platinum Edition” 18 month planner, a pen holder, colorful markers and elastic bands.  It finally arrived on Friday and I was super excited to open the box.

Look at how cute the box is!!! Bright colors and decorative….love it!!

IMG_5262  IMG_5263


I open the box and it was packaged very well.  Nice thick bubble wrap with tissue paper.  Included was a booklet to let you know what they offer and a coupon for my next purchase.  Plus 3 stickers with inspirational quotes on them.  Inside the tissue paper was the products I ordered.  My planner, pen holder, markers and a pack of silver elastic bands.

IMG_5264  IMG_5265



The cover of the planner is very durable.  If something spills on it, you can easily wipe it off.  OH!! I forgot to mention the front and back covers are changeable.  So if I decided in a couple months that I want to change the cover I can order a front and back cover on the website.  How cool is that???!!  Once you open it, there is a quote with is cute and then you have a year at a glance.  Each month is in a different color.  BTW included is a clear ruler/bookmark.  It has a cute design on it as well.

IMG_5267  IMG_5268



Here is a picture of the month of July. So I got this just in time to start of the planner, since July is like next week.  You have a month overlook then on the following page you have a week at a glance.  Each day is divided by morning, afternoon and evening.  There is also sidebars to write down extra things if need be.  The only thing I don’t like that is that the weeks start off on Monday.  I’d rather them start on Sunday but it’s no big deal.  The quality of the paper is very nice.  Not flimsy at all.

IMG_5269  IMG_5270

After all of the tabbed months.  There is a couple sheets of lined paper, then blank pages with decorative borders and designs at the top of the pages.  Then there is a year view of 2016-2017.  Which can come in handy if you need to look at the year ahead.

IMG_5271  IMG_5272  IMG_5273


Then comes the most exciting part of the whole planner….STICKERS!!!  C’mon who doesn’t like stickers.  There are 2 sheets of pre-printed stickers with different events on them such as game, birthday, doctor appt, vacation, mani/pedi, party, vacation and more!!! They fit perfectly in the day blocks.  I like that there are a variety of colors and are large enough for you to see.  Also included are 2 additional pages of blank colored stickers.  SO if you choose to make your own you can!!

IMG_5274  IMG_5275

IMG_5276  IMG_5277


After the pages of stickers, there is a small folder with a booklet titled “forget me not perpetual calendar and contacts.”  This little booklet is much like a old school phonebook.  Kind of like the small phone book my mom use to have and she wrote everyone’s name, phone number, address and birthdate in.  This version is way cooler though.  I do like it but I’m not sure if I would use it though.  Since everything is in my phone.  But in case my phone dies, breaks, or is stolen at least I will have this incase of an emergency.  So I guess I can see the logic behind it.

IMG_5279  IMG_5281

IMG_5282  IMG_5283



Next up is a clear pouch that has an abundance of goodies in it.  There are gift tags and stickers with my name on it.  This is could come in handy.  They are all very cute with nice bright colors and different fonts.

IMG_5284  IMG_5285

And that completes my book.  I attached my pen holder to the back cover and put in on of my markers.  Over all I am extremely satisfied with my purchase.  The overall presentation and quality of everything exceeded my expectations.  You can tell that the company takes their time to print the orders and care about the product.  This planner retails at $65, the set of markers are $ 8.95, pen holder was $2.50 and the elastic bands are $6.95  My subtotal was $88.40 with $9.95 shipping which gave me a grand total of $98.35.  Now the regular life planners start at $50.  I definitely think the price is worth it considering the quality and it very durable.  Here is the link if anyone is interested in purchasing anything.

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3 thoughts on “Erin Condren Life Planner

  1. Great post!! I need something like this in my life lol!! I really like how detailed the planner is!!

  2. Really like your post! Im like obsessed in ordering my own planner 🙂

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